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UK Virtual Santa Stroll

santa suit, medal and personalised bib number

You choose your distance, the day and of course whether your family strolls or jogs!

Every santa that registers gets a santa suit (adult and kids sizes available), glittery medal and personalised bib number posted out to them.

Please note that all packs will be posted out from November 15th. After Nov 15th bibs will only have numbers on rather than names.

family of santas

As we can't do an actual event this year we've gone virtual! This simply means that all packs (including santa suits) will be posted out. You can then arrange with your family and/or friends when and where to do your own mini event!

You can do any distance - some will go for a 5k whilst others will opt to stroll to the pub! Having the freedom to pick your own day to do it means you can pick a lovely crisp winters day (with possibly a bit of snow!)

virtual blue santa suits

You can choose from either a red or blue santa suit (the blue ones don't cost any more).

We've also got adult and kids sizes. The adult santa suit is very stretchy so they fit most adults (with the use of the elastic / tucking in!) The kids are in sizes: child red (ages 5-8) child blue (ages 4-7) and youth red (ages 9-14) youth blue (ages 8-11).

christmas run faq's

How much is it?

For the first 500 santas to register it's £14.99 (£9.99 kids) and then it's £16.99 (£11.99 kids).

What date is it?

There's no specific date - you choose the day and time (so you can pick a nice crisp day with perhaps a little bit if snow!)

How do I get my suit?

All packs (including snazzy santa suit, over the top glittery medal and personalised bib numbers) are posted out from Nov 15th.

Is it for kids and adults?

Yes we have child size santa suits and adult suits. The adult sizes are large and very elastic so they will fit most people!

How far is it?

There's no set distance. You can choose to tackle a 10k, 5k or even just stroll to the pub!